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Tips and advice

Doing it yourself

It is possible to do your own move although it is not advised unless you are only moving a few possessions. If you are going to attempt to do your move yourself borrow or hire a van rather than attempting to do your move in several trips in a car. Daily rental for van is fairly reasonable especially if you book in advance and move during the week rather than the weekend. Try to enlist the help of some strong friends and gather empty boxes and packing materials in advance.

Hiring the professionals

Getting professionals in is generally the best option. Not only will you save yourself a lot of hard work but you will also be hiring someone who has (hopefully) lots of experience doing home removals. Make sure you book your removals company well in advance. Do a detailed list of your belongings and clearly label all your boxes. Make sure unusual or expensive items are covered under your insurance policy (or theirs) and provide clear instructions as to where everything is going. Sticky notes are your friend when it comes to marking where boxes belong. Some people opt for doing the packing and unpacking themselves. This can save quite a bit of money if you have the time but consider carefully whether you have the time and packing materials to do the job well and on time. Often removals companies will offer a good rate for packing if you are using them for the move so the saving may not be as much as you first thought.